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At the age 24,he was a Bus Conductor.
He didnt even completed his University Education
-Bill Gates
In Childhood he Stiched Shoes.
-Abraham Lincon
He worked in a Petrol Bunk.
-Dhirubhai Ambani
Who Failed in 10 standard.
-Sachin Tendulkar
Education Drop out & Initially a Key-Board Player.
Try things u love to do.. studies doesnt matters.
Everybody is blessed with some skills.
life is precious, enjoy it!!!!

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Nice Lines..
Why We Need A Bst Frnd
When V Have So Many People Around Us?
A Wise Man Said: Air Is Everywhere But
We Still Need A Fan To Feel It

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A Great Author Says:-
I Love Photos..!!
Sum1 Asked Why?
He Replied Bocz
Photos Never Changes Even
When People In It Change..!

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Life Is A Story Written By God's Hand..
I Do Not Know How U Got Into My Story.?
I Pray U Stay In It..
Until God Writes My Last Chapter..!...!!!

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Easy to lose someone by saying a
But ,
Difficult to get back that person by
saying thousand truths . . .
Be truthful . . .

Live beautiful

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Every Morning is a Wonderful Blessing from God,
Either Cloudy raining or Sunny shining.
It stands for Hope which gives us another start of what we call Life.

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You Are My Best Friend. Wanna Proof?
Shair Arz Kia Hai EK Main Aur EK Tu. . . .
Baqi Sab Da Fittay MOOONH.

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At anytime in the life if u every get doubt about our friendship
take a coin and toss is.if it is head i am ur best friend
and if its tail u r my best friend.

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