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A Kiss …

Can Be A Comma (,)
A Question Mark (?)
An Exclamation Point (!) …

That’s Basic Spelling
That Every Woman
Ought To Know

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Aksar Takdir Ke Rukh
Badal Jate He,
Mohabbat Me Fasale
Simat Jate He..

Chahat Ho
Sacchi To,
Dur Janewale
Fir Laut Ke Aa Jate He!!

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Bohut dur ho mager bahut pass rahty ho??
Aankhon se dur sahi??
Mager dil ka pass rehty ho??
Mujhe bas itna batao ??
Kya tum bi mera bina udas rehty ho...

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Kitni Jaldi Ye Mulaqaat Gujar Jati Hai.
Pyaas Bujhti Nahi Aur Barsat Gujar Jati Hai.
Apni Yado Se Kaho Yon Na Sataya Kare Mujhe.
Neend Aati Nahi Aur Raat Gujar Jati Hai.?

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I Promised You Once,
I Promise You Twice,
This Love Will Never
End That I Feel So Deep Inside,
I Loved You Yesterday And Even
More Today And I Never Want This
Feeling To Go Away, Sweetheart
You Are My Everything.
I Love You.

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Meri Majburiyon Ko Meri Badkismati Mat Samajhna;
Qyunki Hum Unn Rahon Par Se Bhi Guzre Hein;
Jahan Kismat To Durr, Saaya Bhi Sath Nahi Deta!:-(

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Loving someone is like 2 touch a star.
Even if that person does not love u.
Keep trying'May be 1 fine day that star will fall on earth just for u.

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Chahe Yaad Rakhna Ya Bhul Jana
Par Hume Apne Ansuo Ki Wajah Na Banana
Agar Apke Apne Hum Na Ban Sake
Begana Kehkr Kbi Majak Na Udana..!!

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