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Not Water, Not Air, Not Food
All I Need Are Your Sweet Smiles
The Only Alphabet Missing In My
Life Is "Youuuuu".......!

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How Would You Feel If Someone
Chopped Off One Of Your Arms Or
One Of Your Legs?
That Is How I Am Feeling Without

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खुश हूँ और सबको खुश रखता हूँ,
लापरवाह हूँ फिर भी सबकी परवाह करता हूँ..
मालूम है कोई मोल नहीं मेरा, फिर भी,
कुछ अनमोल लोगो से दोस्ती रखता हूँ।

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Never Let The Experience Of Your Past
Bring Harm To Your Future
Remember Your Past Can't Be Altered And
Your Future Just Doesn't Deserve The

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A Person Changes For Two Reasons
Either Someone Special Comes In His
Life Or Someone Special Leaves His Life...

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Bade Adab Se Sar Jhuka Liya
Humne Teri Panah Me Aakar
Ab Tu Ise Sajda Samjh Ya Saazish
Teri Marzi..!

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Tags: Love SMS

Raah Pade Patthar Ko Tarasha
Murat Ek Banayi
Us Murat Se Dil Ye Lagaya Aur
Dil Pe Chot Hai Khayi..!

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Gam Me Tere Sanam Zndgi Me Meri
Waqt Se Pehle Hi Ye Muqam Aa Gaya
Tune Ek Pal Sukoon Se Na Jeene Diya
Naam Mere Maut Ka Paigam Aa Gaya..!

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