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हर सपना खुशी का पूरा नहीं होता,
कोई किसी के बिना अधुरा नहीं होता,
जो रोशन करता है सब रातों को,
वो चाँद भी तो हर बार पूरा नहीं होता

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एक व्यक्ती कंटाळून
जेव्हा नात
भाषा करू लागते
अशा वेळी
दुसर्या व्यक्तीच्या
समोर असत ते फक्त
प्रश्न चिन्ह माझ काय चुकल ?

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I May Not Be Perfect But At Least I'm Not FAKE.

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When I Was Child I Was Afraid Of Ghost...As I Grew Up I Realize People Are More Scary.

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Sitting Alone And Enjoying your Own Company Is Better Than Being Surrounded By Fake People.

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I Know You'll Never Be Mine But, It's Nice To Imagine It.

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~~~ We Can't Upload Luck

We Can't Download Time


Google Can't Give All The Answers
In Life

So Just Login To Reality And Like The
Status Of Ur Life..!

{{ Hari Vardhan 9513363165 }}

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Apne dil se ekbar puchke to dekho ?,
Jara humare paas aake to dekho ?,
Thoda ankho se aankh mila ke to dekho. . .
Purana wo har isare ko to samjo,
aapko apne sawal ka javab . . .
Apke sawal me hi dikh jayega. . .
K.. hum aapke he kaun ?

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