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Be regular as clock
Be soft as flower
Be strong as rock
Be nice as me
I know its difficult

But just keep trying
Be fresh as Rose.
Happy Rose Day

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I Have Seen Angels In The Sky
I Have Seen Snowfall In July
I Have Seen Things U Only Imagine
To See
I Have Not Seen Anything Sweeter
Than U..!

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Dushmano Se Nahi Apno Se Darr
Lagta H,
Bada Mushkil Ye Zndgi Ka Safar Lagta H Jaha
Bhi Hoti H Andhero Se Tanhai
Ki Guftagu Jaane Kyu Wo
Mujko Mera Hi Ghar Lagta H..

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Dil Jal Raha Tha Gham Se Magar Nagmagar Raha;
Jab Tak Raha Main, Saath Mere Yeh Hunar Raha;

Subah-e-Safar Ki Raat Thi, Taare The, Aur Hawa;
Saaye Sa Ek, Der Talak, Baam Par Raha;

Meri Sada Hawa Mein Bohat Door Tak Gayi;
Par Main Bula Raha Tha Jise, Bekhabar Raha;

Guzari Hai Kya Maze Se Khayaalon Mein Zindagi;
Doori Ka Yeh Tilism Bada Kaargar Raha;

Khauf Aasmaan Ke Saath Tha Sar Par Jhuka Hua;
Koi Hai Bhi Ya Nahin Hai,Yehi Dil Mein Dar Raha;

Is Aakhiri Nazar Mein Ajab Dard Tha
Jaanay Ka Uske Ranj Mujhe Umr Bhar Raha!

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Jo Teri Muntazir Theen Woh Ankhen Hi Bujh Gayin...

Ab Kyun Sajaa Raha Hai Charaaghon Se Shaam Ko..!!

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You can place weights on both side of weighing balance and you need to measure all weights between 1 and 1000. For example if you have weights 1 and 3,now you can measure 1,3 and 4 like earlier case, and also you can measure 2,by placing 3 on one side and 1 on the side which contain the substance to be weighed. So question again is how many minimum weights and of what denominations you need to measure all weights from 1kg to 1000kg.

For this answer is 3^0, 3^1, 3^2... That is 1,3,9,27,81,243 and 729

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Outside a room there are three light switches. One of switch is connected to a light bulb inside the room.
Each of the three switches can be either 'ON' or 'OFF'.

You are allowed to set each switch the way you want it and then enter the room(note: you can enter the room only once)

Your task is to then determine which switch controls the bulb ??

turn on 1st switcch for few min. and then turn off.... turn on second switch ..enter the room ..if bulb is on then obviuosly second switch....if not then touch it through hand if the bulb is heated the switch is 1st one, o/w third switch is for bulb

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Pattharon ko itna na pujo ke woh dewta ho jaye,
Kisi ko itna na chaho ke woh bewafa ho jaye.

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