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बीबी : चलो ना आज कही घूमने चलते है, और हा ड्राइविंग में करुँगी....!!

पति- Wow...!!!
मतलब जायेंगे कार में,,
और आएंगे कल के अख़बार में....!!!!

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जास्त_नाही_थोडचं_जगायचयं , पण_ लोकांच्या_कायम_
आठवणीतं_राहील_असं जगायचयं

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always dance
to the beat
of your heart
and enjoy
every single moment!

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with the past
has gone,
the best is always
yet to come!
Happy Birthday!
Wishing you
a long healthy life!

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The most loveing wishes
to the one
that makes my life

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You are the reason I smile,
and why our love,
thrives across the miles.
May you have
the happiest birthday ever!
Happy Birthday

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"Agar hum Na rahe to aapki life pe kya
Aapka ANS koi song hona chaiye.
Ye SMS sab ko bhejo or dekho aapko
kya song
milta h.
Rply me fst.
10 minutes

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Holi Is A Time To Reach Out With The Colours Of Joy.
It Is The Time To Love And Forgive.
It Is The Time Expresses The Happiness
Of Being Loved And To Be Loved Through Colours.
Let The Colours Of Holi Spread
The Message Of Peace And Happiness.

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