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How Would U Know If He Really
Loves U.?
Its When U Scream, He's Calm
When U Slap Him, He Kisses U
When U Cry, He Hugs U
When U Tell Him U Hate Him
He Tells U He Loves U..!

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Falling In Love With U Is The
Second Best Thing In The World
Finding U Is The First..!

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When U Find Faults From Someone
U Love, Hold On Dont Judge Nor
Trust And Understand That Some
One Is Doing Best To Love U More
Remember, Love Has Nothing To

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M .. My Soul Needs You
I .. Impossible To Live Without U
S .. Scare Without U
S .. Simply U Are My Life
Y .. You And Me Is The Same Person
O .. Ofcourse I Love U
U .. Unlimited Of Words Cant
How Much I Need You..!

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I Always Felt I Was Missing A
Part Of Me
I Have Found That Part, It Is U
Ever Since U Came Into My Life
I Cant Stop Thinking About U..!

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उस अजनबी का यूँ न इंतज़ार करो,
इस आशिक दिल का न ऐतबार करो,
रोज़ निकला करें किसी के याद में आंसू,
इतना न कभी किसी से प्यार करो.

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The Heart feels light when Someone is in it...

But feels very heavy when Someone leaves it...

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Kisi se sirf utna hi door
Ki use aapki Ehmiyat ka
ehsaas ho jaye.
Lekin kabhi itna bhi door
mat hona,
Ki wo aapke bina jeena
seekh jaye .

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